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Show Your Mettle Day - Amputee Coalition

Amputee Coalition - Limb Loss Awareness

April 2019: Being Heard, Being Empowered

April is Limb Loss Awareness Month, and there are a lot of ways to celebrate, motivate, and activate!

Messages to Share

The purpose is to educate and celebrate, sharing the realities of living with limb difference and limb loss. For many people, their experience may begin and end with a Paralympic athlete’s story or a traumatic local news story. But life is much more than that and your story is richer and more interesting than a 3 minute news bite.

Sharing your story, whether it is with a friend, a community group, a legislator or your insurer, can help provide insight and shape perceptions – and empower you, too!

Declare April Limb Loss Awareness Month

Every year the Coalition works to get April declared Limb Loss Awareness Month in all 50 states. In many cases, cities, counties and other municipalities have also officially made a declaration. Click here to see which states have officially recognized Limb Loss Awareness Month with a Gubernatorial Proclamation. If you’d like to get involved and want some guidance about your local options, please email us at

Take Action in Your State!

Dates to Remember

Mark your calendar to join us for:
April 8-9: Hill Day, educating your legislators at home and in D.C.
April 14: Support Group Appreciation Day!
April 19: Certified Peer Visitor Day

Download and post your own LLAM Ribbon!

Reach out and thank those who have supported you on your journey throughout the year, but add a little extra focus on these moments. If you’re a social media type, share our posts and your stories with us online.

Share Your Story

We want to hear from you! Please take a minute and send us your story to post. And don’t forget to browse some of the wonderful stories others have shared. We want to help educate the world about living with limb loss and limb difference.

“No” Is Not An Answer

If you have struggled with getting the prosthetic care you need, please use our tool to let the executives at your insurer know.  A delay or denial can waste time and affect your ability to live the life you choose. Write today.

Share Your Story

Contact Your Insurer

Tool Kit

We’ve created posters and posts you can download to help highlight Limb Loss Awareness Month, including an infographic with Limb Loss stats, Limb Loss in the US. If you have another need, please feel free to contact us at You can also show your style with Amputee Coalition swag – or support camp with our “Magic & Moments” t shirts!