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Back to the Future


Back to the Future


Back to the Future (6.04.15)

Good news from yesterday is that only one surgery was needed.  I have a wound vac which is helping relieve swelling, and 3 IV antibiotics in case there is any osteomyelitis hiding out.

Today is my first full day of being an amputee.  When I woke up from surgery yesterday, not seeing my foot was not the shock I thought it might be. I felt calm, and believe it is a because of the encouragement and positive energy from family and friends.  I’ve received so many kind emails which are the best medicine ever.  Thank you all for sending positive energy and faith my way!

Today has been a tough day.  Dr. Ertl told me the pain would be intense and indescribable-and it is.  I’m reminding myself it is pain towards progress.  Physical therapy started today. I was able to walk a very short distance using a walker.

Dr. Donald W. Lyddon Jr., was my orthopedic surgeon after my accident in 1981.  Dr. Ertl remarked today that Dr. Lyddon had foresight and courage to even attempt to save my leg.  Dr. Lyddon took x-rays and photos of my leg to orthopedic conferences around the world to brainstorm with other surgeons on how to tackle some of the unique aspects of my case.  My leg x-rays and photos have travelled to more places than I have!  I used to joke with friends that I was an international leg model.  I thought it was funny as my leg was noticeably disfigured.  I guess yesterday marked my retirement.

Dr._Donald_Lyddon Jr._Deborah_100th_Meeting_Clinical_Orthopedic_Society_9.2012.png