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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (7.09.15)

As is the case with some major life events, things don't go as we hoped.  I had hoped amputation surgery would be 'one and done'.  Unfortunately, when I went in for my post op check in July, x-rays showed a bone fragment had shifted.  My surgeon, Dr. Jan Ertl, advised we wait until I was fitted with my test/first/temporary prosthetic before scheduling surgery to remove the bone fragment, in case additional revision was needed-better one revision surgery than possibly needing another after I was able to try walking.  I was anxious to get the bone fragment removed but realized it was wise to wait.

I was fitted with my test/first/temporary prosthetic end of August, and my prosthetist quickly named the bone fragment 'Lucifer'.  It reeked havoc in my test socket, and God Bless my prosthetist and his team for adjusting, adjusting, and adjusting again so that I was able to take some encouraging first steps even thought they knew we'd be starting over again after the bone fragment and revision was done.   It was exciting to take some first steps yet disheartening to know I need another surgery, need to heal again, and start all over walking in a new leg.