Running After 34 Years! :)

Running After 34 Years! :)  (10.29.15)

 Last night, 4 months post-bka, and after 34 years hoping and dreaming I would run again someday, I ran! It's been one of the most incredible 24 hours in my life. I cannot believe it! After over 35 limb salvage surgeries stemming from an accident 34 years ago, I decided on amputation. Dr. Jan Ertl did my bka 4 months ago. Prosthetist Dave Rotter, his team at Scheck & Siress, and a running blade donated by Ottobock helped my running dream come true last night. Today I went back for coaching, and the frosting on the running cake was running with Melissa Stockwell, Paralympian, Iraq War Veteran, World Champion Paratriathlete, Prosthetist, and amazing. It was wonderful to meet Nick DiTomasso, Ottobock rep and thank him and Ottobock for donating a running blade which gave me the opportunity to run!