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Uniprox SoftSkin Air breathable liners

The world’s first truly breathable liner. For bka’s and aka’s.

Uniprox SoftSkin Air breathable silicone liner

For more information, please  contact us .

For more information, please contact us.


Uniprox SoftSkin Air - the world‘s first breathable silicone liner.

Thanks to its distinctive structure, the new SoftSkin Air reduces the build-up of sweat on the skin inside the liner. Any moisture produced is drawn away from the residual limb by special laser cut micropores.

+ Reduced sweating thanks to micropores

+ More security thanks to an improved grip

+ Better, longer-lasting wearing comfort

+ Less skin irritation

+ Easy to use

+ Available for below knee/transtibial prosthetic wearers in sizes 16-45cm, pin locking and cushion

+ Available for above knee/transfemoral prosthetic wearers in sizes 28-55cm, pin locking

Here’s an article written by a CPO titled ‘A Primer on Breathable Prosthetic Liners’.